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Library My Space pages

I reviewed the following four library MySpace pages: Ball State University, New Orleans Public Library, Univ. of Alabama at Tuscaloosa MLIS progam, and Thomas Ford Library in Western Springs, IL. I found them through a combo of searching and linking between one another.

I thought the University of Alabama page was the most useful because it was to a targeted audience that is probably pretty receptive (MLIS students!) NOPL also had some really good information, but the page was a little hard to read. Ball State used their’s primarily to highlight resources available to students and did it in an engaging way with good titles and fun posts to show the usefulness of resources like the LitFinder database. The Thomas Ford library page was directed at teens and hadn’t been updated in awhile. Maybe I’m just old, but that one just had way too much going on.

Much like other web resources, MySpace pages seem to be as worthwhile as the time spent keeping them current and interesting. So much is dependent on the community/audience you’re serving as well. Using MySpace is another way to connect, so I think it’s a good use of time. My one caveat would be: if the page isn’t being updated anymore, take it down or it makes your library look less relevant, not more so.


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  Nat wrote @

I agree with the comment about updating. I wonder if updating stops because of lack of traffic. I would think traffic would at least slow down because of lack of updating — I guess it’s a chicken and egg thing. I think some libraries lack managed technology plans, so these things get put up on the initiative of one individual. One issue with the “always beta” thing is that some of these technologies pass out of fashion quickly … like MySpace. On the same note, a problem with the internet, in general, is that it never forgets, despite some our our librarianish concerns over archiving. There are half-finished, never updated websites that will continue limping along until we run out of coal…

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