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Cabinets of Curiosity

I missed class last week due to a business trip to San Francisco. I had a little fun time and visited the SF Museum of Modern Art (great place!) I saw a Joseph Cornell exhibit entitled Navigating the Imagination. Cornell’s art consists largely of boxes and collages in which he displays found objects (he also did experimental film making among other things). Some of his works are cabinets of curiosity which were popular in the Renaissance for organizing objects whose connections are not always obvious. The items are generally interesting to the cabinet maker and the cabinet maker is responsible for defining the meaning of the connections. It occurred to me that social networking via MySpace, Ning, Library Thing, etc is a modern day application of cabinets of curiosity. I guess it’s up to us how we use social networking to define the connections between ideas, people, etc that we find interesting.



I created a profile on Ning and joined the L2 group. Joining the group made me thing about the social networking in plain English demo we viewed for last week’s class and I really was struck by the value of this forum on Ning. The video emphasized how social networks in the real world are hidden, whereas those on social networking sites are easy to see. They likened the connections to a map. It didn’t take me long to find resources for L2 forum members looking for jobs, resume builders, etc.

I’m still slightly overwhelmed by the networking aspect of the site. I spent quite a bit of time orienting myself to the site, reading about the group and reading the archives. It takes work to maintain a presence on one of these sites. More and more, though , the value of the human connections not bound by geography are clear. I can get input from a variety of people in a variety of settings and areas about any L2 topic. What a great way to open up my world view and think about things differently.