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Pretty flowersI was not a user before this class. I am now completely and forever devoted to it. I have found it absolutely invaluable in collecting and organizing resources for my paper. I need organization in my life. I, however, find myself very frustrated by the folder system of organizing files and e-mails. I can only put these in one place? Are you kidding? I can barely decide what to have for dinner and you want me to figure out where to put this article for all time? Ack.

I get overwhelmed, I shove the link in some folder, and never see it again. Then I recall it vaguely, go hunting in my folders, but end up back online and do my search again. Thank you for delivering from my self imposed cycle of folder abuse. Here’s my link, take a look. It’s been a long road. And don’t even get me started on my list of favorites (now, bookmarks since I started using firefox) who knows what I saved there? I bet there’s some link that unlocks the secret of the universe.

So to sum up my reflection on using this semester: easy to use, tagging rocks, and so long useless folders electronically crammed to the breaking point with who knows what. I’m free….