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You Tube Fun

I was never much of a You Tuber, except when I’d get things forwarded to me by others. After last week’s class I’ve really enjoyed learning more. As with the other tools that we’ve explored during class, I’m trying to apply it to how this could be used in a library. I loved the library-produced You Tubes we watched last week. I do wonder if it’s difficult to convince your director or board that the staff time spent is worth the ROI. It would be interesting to know how much exposure a library can attribute to their You Tube postings.

I stumbled across The Hub which is a site that uses You Tube as a platform for human rights media and action. For a library I love the idea of gathering sites like this and showing patrons how You Tube can be used for the greater good. I think it’s important to show, especially our younger patrons, that they should use YouTube for fun and creativity, but that there’s also more ways to use the technology.